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Michael Hyman's works are owned by collectors throughout the world, and have been displayed along side works as diverse as Russian icons and paintings by Andy Warhol. He was recently exhibited at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York, and has an upcoming Fall exhibition on Madison Avenue in New York.

Although I would simply say that I like to paint, and I hope that you enjoy my paintings, I will share some words of others:

Michael Hyman is an auto-didact painter whose artist parents encouraged him to study engineering. He obeyed their wishes, but the call of the arts was too strong for him to resist and he turned to painting, photography, and sculpture. Hyman's paintings fairly vibrate with emotions. In his canvasses he expresses his passion for living, his personal pain, and his strong admiration for the art created by his father. The nudes that are the subject of many of Hyman's paintings are formed from colors that range from vibrant to brutal. The figures are simultaneously boldly defiant and vulnerable. The works resound with symbols, and sometimes text, that refer to the artist's Russian Jewish legacy. He juxtaposes these symbols with the iconography of the Russian Orthodox church and light hearted icons of Western culture such as comic book images. Hyman grew up on a small farm outside of Baltimore, Maryland and graduated as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major from Princeton University. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington and divides his time between that city and New York.

Michael's "paintings are kind of a smorgasbord from which the audience can take a full meal, or just take one bon-bon and enjoy that to the fullest."



Body Painting

Gallery & Studio says:
Although trained as an engineer, by dint of his own efforts Michael Hyman has acquired remarkable skills as a realist painter. He is also a sculptor and a photographer, and these disciplines also inform his paintings of females nudes. From sculpture he has obviously learned a great deal about volumes in space, which he employs to give the women in his paintings a palpable presence.

While Hyman's work is too personal to be termed "photorealism," his figures possess a photographic naturalism that marks them as contemporary, coupled with strong constrasts between light and shadow that heighten the visual drama of composition. And that Hyman juxtaposes his naturalistic nudes with esoteric symbols drawn from Judaism, Russian Orthodox Christianity, and even comic book imagery, lends his realism a potent post-Pop panache.

Maurice Taplinger, Gallery & Studio

Other media


If you would like to model for me, please email: misha.seattle at gmail.com.