Body Casting

For body casting, I make a solution out of alginate that I pour over the model's body. Alginate is made from seaweed, and it quickly hardens into a rubbery texture that captures incredible body detail and also peels off extremely easily.

The alginate is covered with plaster bandages to help retain the form. This is called a matrix.


Once the matrix hardens, it is carefully removed, creating the first mold. This mold is filled with plaster to create the first cast. Here you can see me pouring in the plaster. Note how I carefully avoid getting plaster on me, since, like concrete, it dries out the skin. (OK, so I just jump right in. Art is very physical.)

After the cast dries, it is removed.

From there, I fix up the plaster cast and then make a permanent mold using a resin. This mold can then be used to make the permanent casts, which will then become a key part of the final work of art. Back