Body Painting

I had the privilege to paint two terrific folks for the Fremont Parade. Unfortunately I didn't get to see them in the parade due to family issues, but I heard it went great. I'm looking forward to next year...

Each day our government amazes me with its short term decisions that ignore that everything is connected and that we are but one player in a global economy. What if the religion taught stewardship and community rather than suppression and oppression? Yet why are there not protests and unrest? Where is the turmoil of the youth, or are we lulled into sleep by stories of Michael and Terry, plugged into our iPods so that we can be alone and tune out consequences?


This is the first in a political cartoon series that I am working on. This one deals with our energy policy. If you want to learn more about it, just email me.












These next set of images were painted with flourescent paints and shot with long exposures and black light illumination. Two painters were involved in the process.








All images © Michael I. Hyman