This set of images shows a lamp I made from a body cast. It features ceramic vertabrae, a metal skeleton, and a poured polyester lamp base. You can see it under different conditions. The lamp contains various medications and drugs, ranging from chemotherapy pills to other things.

This is an ashtray I built from a bodycast of my hand. It was a challenge to make the mold.

This is from my jellyfish series. This particular one is about six inches or so across; I plan to make some much larger ones. There are three views here. The first is during normal daylight. The second shows what the jellyfish looks like in the dark, when it glows. The third shows the lights turning on to add to the light show. These are made out of resin, glass, steel, copper and "special" ingredients.

Another jellyfish, shown in daylight and in dark.
And yet another, shown in daylight, dark and with the jellyfish lights on. I'm using a different type of lights now, and you can see that they are significantly brighter when lit. The colors in all three situations are quite stunning.

Voldemort. This is a life size steel sculpture, seen here at night. Many parts of the sculpture light up, ranging from Voldemorts green wand to a pulsing heart in his hand. It is a mixture of steel, lights, Archie McPhees items, and surplus parts that I've melted together.

Man With No Heart. This is lit up with a black light inside of a phosporescent liquid filled brain.